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The Rencong Land (Aceh)

Written By Fuad Heriansyah on Friday, March 18, 2016 | 11:00:00 AM

All regions have an identity by each others, including Aceh known as TheRencongLand. Rencong or Rincong or Rintjoeng (in the language of traditional Aceh) is the heirloom weapons for the people of Aceh and it is a symbol of courage, strength, self defender and heroism Aceh since ancient times andis still used as an ornamental in men's clothes in celebration of an important traditional event.

Pejuang Aceh
The Rencong became known at the beginning of the Islamic Empire in the 13th century. In the era of the Kingdom of Aceh,The Rencong is never separated almost every waist of Aceh people(always tucked on waist front)who have tremendous courage both men and women, because The Rencong for Acehnese is like a soldier with his rifle which is a symbol of courage, altitude dignity and the strength of the Acehnese. So that The Portuguese people are very afraid to fight people of Aceh. When Aceh to expel the Portuguese from all the land of Sumatra and the Malacca land and the Dutch colonial period. The Rencong is a lethal weapon in addition to the sword and the gun used in the battlefield, not only by the Sulthan, Admiral, Cut Ampon, Cut Abang (the men) but also by TengkuInong, Syarifah, Kak Cut, Cut Adoe, Putroe Cut, Cut Nyak (women). All of the local people and all circles both women, men, and children.

In the struggle and the battle against the Portuguese and the Dutch, history has recordsthe names of great heroes and heroine from Aceh, like Tgk Umar, panglimaPolem, TengkuChikDitiro, LaksamanaMalahayati, PocutMeurahIntan, PocutBaren, Cut NyakDien, Cut Meutia and TeungkuFakinah that do not release dagger from their waist.

The Rencong have a very close with the Islamic religion, Arabic-shaped handle was taken from the word Bismillahirrahmanirrahim (the very important sentence to start any activities in the Islamic religion). Equivalent word can be seen on a curved handle and then thicken at the elbow. It is a symbol that shows the characteristics of the Acehnese who really cling to the glory of Islam.

Aceh and The rencong is a union of some parts of Aceh 's life in the past, now the people of Aceh know thatThe Rencong weapons only as a complement to traditional dress or ancient objects that can no longer be utilized to the fullest. Although the era of war has passed, it is appropriate that we still appreciate those memories in writing and other literary works for children and grandchildren still recognize objects such as what exactly The Rencong . With all the spilled blood of the struggle for Aceh for several centuries ago I think is very reasonable if Aceh is called The rencong Land.

Rencong Senjata Aceh
Basically though now The Rencong can only be used as the souvenirs for tourists who is visiting Aceh. But in earlier times The Rencong is something very important to their role in people's lives daily. You can imagine if the dagger did not accompany the struggle of the ancestors in the old days. Of course the herosof Aceh do not have an identity and will lose against the invaders. because The Rencong provide incredible passion in The Aceh heros. By using Therencong every day on each loin, the heroes of Aceh looks very dashing and feared by all enemies.A long time ago I'm sure that everyone knows the hero of Aceh is the power of a powerful army in the world, and because of its international influence by the western world also began to follow the shape The Rencong development, especially Turkey. The Rencong also have in common with The Blade that is used by The Turkish soldiers in the past Sulthan Mahmud Turkish Ottoman empire . Although almost the same but The Rencong have a smaller size.

As known in the past, Islamic symbolism of The Rencong have been associated with the holy war, or jihad. By force of arms in the hands of the heroes, and belief in the power of God. TheRencong is like having the supernatural powers. As citizens of Aceh course everyone knows The Rencong has a special place in the struggle or in all The heroes of Aceh, I realized that not everyone had the same thoughts about how The Rencong be constantly maintained and preserved as an object that is sacred in the land of Aceh , as heritage very valuable to be maintained as a national identity of Aceh.

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Maisal Jannah
Student of the Faculty of Arts Unsyiah Banda Aceh
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